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Price List

Gem prices from Return of the Saiyans

10 - 410
rots gem
R$ 0.75 /each 10
420 - 670
rots gem
R$ 0.70 /each 10
680 - 2000
rots gem
R$ 0.65 /each 10
rots gem
tibia coin 25 TC
rots gem
tibia coin 50 TC
rots gem
tibia coin 100 TC
rots gem
tibia coin 250 TC
rots gem
tibia coin 500 TC
rots gem
tibia coin 1000 TC
10 - 410
rots gem
busd 0.1625 /each 10
420 - 670
rots gem
busd 0.1550 /each 10
680 - 2000
rots gem
busd 0.1400 /each 10

ROTs Gems are mainly used for in-game Gem Shop purchases or market sales in exchange for Zeni (KKs). They are considered Return of the Saiyans cash. You can use them in the Gem Shop to buy Premium, Puar, Skins, Backpacks, Spell Effects, and much more.

We are an official Return of the Saiyans reseller, and all our Gems are supplied exclusively by the game developer.

After filling out the required data for your purchase in the respective field and accepting our terms, your order will be generated, and you will be redirected to your account on our website. Please check if the data is correct, especially the NICKNAME to receive the ROTs Gems. If everything is correct, simply make the payment using the selected method.

Each payment method takes a certain amount of time to process, on average:

  • Payment with PIX: 2 seconds;
  • Payment with BUSD: 2 minutes (this is the time it takes for the BSC network to confirm the transaction);
  • Exchange for Tibia Coins: 5 minutes (this is the time to check the receipt manually).

After payment is processed and confirmed, the ROTs Gems will be delivered to the nickname you provided to us during purchase. Our entire process is automatic, which means that the delivery is immediate and takes less than 1 second. We work 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including holidays. The ROTs Gems are sent to your account on the game's official website and can be checked in the login section of the website or through the in-game Gem Shop.

Are the ROTs Gems safe?

Yes! We are authorized resellers, and all Gems we sell are purchased directly from the game developer. So if you buy from us, there is no risk of your character getting banned for illegal trade.

How are ROTs Gems delivered?

We send Gems directly to your account on the game's official website. We use a special authorized reseller panel where we only need your NICKNAME and SERVER that will receive the Gems. You do not need to be online to receive them. Be careful when filling out the purchase form, we are not responsible for incorrectly entered nicknames.

How can I use my ROTs Gems?

After receiving your Gems, you can use them to:

  • Buy Services (Premium Time, Puar, Shovel, etc);
  • Buy Cosmetics in the Gem Shop (Puar, Kinto, and Magic Skins);
  • Buying Items (Backpacks, Star Light, etc);
  • Sell them to other players to get Zeni (KKs).

and much more.

How many ROTs Gems can I buy?

There is no minimum number of Gems that can be purchased. If you want, you can buy only 1 Gem.

What is the delivery deadline?

The delivery deadline is completely different from the payment method, so the processing time varies. But once the payment is processed and approved, the delivery is made in less than 1 second at any time.

What is the Return of the Saiyans information required for purchase?

We only ask for your NICKNAME and SERVER for delivery. We will never ask for accounts, emails, passwords, or other information except for your nickname.

The nickname provided is your responsibility. In case of wrong information or typos, your ROTs Gems will be lost. Therefore, always check twice before you make any payment.

Can I use ROTs Gems only on the character specified at purchase?

ROT Gems are delivered to the account of the chosen character, but you can convert them to Premium Coins, and then pass them on to other characters by trade.

Can I buy ROTs Gems as a gift for a friend?

Yes, the data we request is related to the person responsible for the payment, but the delivery nick is your choice, so you can give a gift directly to a friend if you want.

Can I ask for a refund?

Yes! If the ROTs Gems are intact, i.e., have not yet been used, and you regret the purchase, regardless of the reason, you have 7 (seven) calendar days to request a refund, according to Article 49 of the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code (CDC). To do so, please contact us via WhatsApp during our business hours, and we will complete the return process. We emphasize that we will only return to the responsible for the order/registration, never to third parties, including relatives or friends.

The product that has not been used in the Gem Shop, sold in the market, or given to another player is considered intact. In these cases, it is considered consumed and is not returned since the consumption has already occurred.

Can I buy ROTs Gems with cryptocurrencies?

Yes! If you are immersed in the world of NFTs and want to use your cryptocurrencies as payment for ROTs Gems, it is possible. To do so, select BUSD as your payment method and specify a wallet in the wallet field (Metamask, Trust Wallet, Trezor, Ledger, etc.) We do not accept direct submissions from exchanges (Binance, CoinBase, KuCoin, etc.) as the wallets used for submissions are public and not truly 'yours'.

Remember that the BUSDs we accept are from the BSC network (BEP20). We do not currently accept other networks or cryptocurrencies. The delivery time depends on the network's confirmation time and is less than 2 minutes on average.

*Nick of your ROTS character who will receive the Gems
*Enter a value between 10 and 2000 Gems.
Payment method only available to Brazilians.
Amount to be paid
Fill in the quantity field
*An account will be created with this password if you do not have one.
Amount to be paid
Fill in the quantity field
*Nick of your Tibia character who will send the Tibia Coins.
*An account will be created with this password if you do not have one.
Amount to be paid
Fill in the quantity field

*Your wallet that will send the BUSD (BSC/BEP20).

*We do not accept payments by Exchanges (Binance, etc). Use your personal wallet for the transaction (Metamask, Trezor, Trust, etc).

*An account will be created with this password if you do not have one.

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