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25 - 5000
Tibia Coin
R$ 5.25 /each 25
Tibia Coin
250 TIBIA COIN FOR R$ 52.50
Tibia Coin
25 - 5000
Tibia Coin
usdt usdc binancepay 0.9700 /each 25
Tibia Coin
Tibia Coin

Tibia Coins are the official currency of the Tibia game, used to carry out various transactions in the Tibia Store, Tibia Bazaar, or to exchange for Gold Coins (KKs) on the market. In addition, you can send them as gifts to your friends, making them a valuable in-game resource.

Main uses of Tibia Coins:

  • Premium Time: Secure exclusive advantages and access to premium areas.
  • Outfits and Mounts: Customize your character with unique looks and special mounts.
  • Boost Xp: Speed up your progress in the game with experience bonuses.
  • World Transfer: Transfer your character to another server quickly and safely.
  • Potions and Decorations: Buy essential potions and decorative items for your in-game home.

Make the most of your Tibia experience by buying Tibia Coins on our website. We offer a fast and secure purchase process, with dedicated customer support to help with any questions or needs.

Why choose our services?

  • Security and Trust: Secure transactions guaranteed.
  • Fast Delivery: Receive your Tibia Coins quickly after purchase.
  • Customer Support: Team ready to assist you at any time.

Start now and improve your Tibia journey with Tibia Coins!

Buying Tibia Coins on our website is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to secure your coins:

Filling in the details

Complete the required information in the field provided and accept our terms (read them carefully).

Order generation

Your order will be generated and you will be redirected to the tracking page on our website. Check that all the data is correct, especially the delivery NICK.


If everything is correct, make the payment.

Payment processing time

  • PIX: Approximately 5 seconds.
  • BinancePay: Approximately 5 seconds.
  • USDT or USDC: Approximately 5 minutes (average transaction confirmation time by the networks).

Delivery of Tibia Coins

After the payment has been processed, a member of our team will receive a notification to deliver the Tibia Coins, along with the quantity and NICK provided. Delivery is done manually via Gift in-game and takes an average of 5 minutes.

24/7 operation: We operate 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including public holidays. During peak times, delivery may take a few extra minutes due to high demand.

Order tracking: You can track the progress of your order via our website. You will be informed as soon as delivery is complete.

Are Tibia Coins transferable?

Yes, all Tibia Coins handed over are free of any restrictions. You can sell them on the market for Gold Coins (KKs) or send them to other players immediately upon receipt.

How are Tibia Coins delivered?

We send Tibia Coins via an in-game Gift from one of our characters to the character you entered on the form. We are not responsible for incorrectly entered nicknames.

How can I use my Tibia Coins?

Once you have received your Tibia Coins, you can use them to:

  • Buy cosmetics in the Store (Mounts, Outfits, Addons, Home furnishings, etc).
  • Buy consumables in the Store (Potions, Runes, Boost XP, etc).
  • Buy services (Premium Time, Transfers, Name Change, etc).
  • Sell them on the in-game market to acquire Gold Coins (KKs).
  • Buy characters at the Bazaar on the official website.
  • Send them to friends.
  • And much more.

How many Tibia Coins can I buy?

Due to restrictions imposed by the game itself, you can only buy multiples of 25 (25, 50, 75, ..., 250, 275, ...).

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time varies according to the payment method chosen, usually no more than 10 minutes after payment confirmation.

What Tibia information is required for the purchase?

We will only ask for your character's NICK for delivery. It is entirely your responsibility to provide the correct NICK. In the event of a mistake, the Tibia Coins will be lost. Always check before making any payment. As a restriction, we require the character to have logged in within the last 30 days.

Will I only be able to use Tibia Coins on the character I entered?

No, Tibia Coins are shared across your account, meaning that any character on the same account can use them without restriction.

Can I buy them as a gift for a friend?

Yes, the details requested are those of the person responsible for payment, but the delivery NICK is your choice, allowing you to give a gift directly to a friend. We don't recommend buying for strangers or trading in other games, etc.

Can I ask for a refund?

Yes! If you regret your purchase, whether by PIX, BinancePay, USDT or USDC, you have 7 (seven) calendar days from delivery to request a refund, in accordance with Article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code. Simply contact us by WhatsApp during our office hours. We will carry out the return process, where you will return the Tibia Coins to a character you have informed us about and then we will refund the amount paid. The return is only made to the owner of the purchase/registration.

Can I buy Tibia Coins with cryptocurrencies?

Yes, you can use cryptocurrencies as payment. Select the desired payment method, either via BinancePay (using any crypto from your Binance account) or via wallets manually using USDT or USDC on the BSC (BEP20) or ETH (ERC20) networks.

I logged in, but the date doesn't update, now what?

Tibia considers the last login to be the moment you left the character. Therefore, log in and out of the character, wait about 5 minutes and try to generate the request again.

*Nick of your Tibia character who will receive the Tibia coins.
*Enter a value multiple of 25 between 25 to 5000 Tibia Coins.
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Payment method only available to Brazilians.
Amount to be paid
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*An account will be created with this password if you do not have one.
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Amount to be paid
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*Select the network you want to use for payment.

*Select the token you want to use for payment.

*An account will be created with this password if you do not have one.

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